Arizona: Road Trip to Flagstaff

Arizona: Road Trip to Flagstaff

September 29, 2014

Planning events for a chapter which has a charter to include an entire state can be difficult.  However, applying the lessons from several past events we were able to have a very successful, fun and value added event this month – “A Trip to the Cooler Climes.”


We have had numerous requests to have chapter events in other areas of Arizona rather than the Phoenix/Tempe area. The objective of this event was to reach the alumni in the Flagstaff region. We planned a three part event with an overnight stay. We congregated in Flagstaff, with people driving in from various parts of the state (some carpooled) at an Alumni’s house where they hosted all to a BBQ lunch. Our goal was to make this a fun event that anyone could go to regardless of age and kids were welcome.


After lunch, our hiking plans were dampened by a spectacular thunderstorm but were happy with the clear skies that followed since we visited the  famed Lowell Observatory – the place where Pluto was discovered.  After star gazing and observing spectacular sight of the Harvest  Moon (it was a full moon day) we headed off for our last event where we gathered at a friend’s cabin for dinner, music and cheer.  Next afternoon we parted company, having made some good friends, recruited new members and with a great story to tell the Alumni Office the next day when we reported details of the event.


Lesson Learned: It was a fun road trip.  Because we had Alumni in the Flag Staff region organize the events, participation was assured and lack of regional knowledge was a non issue.  Also we didn’t burden those driving in with responsibilities which was much appreciated.  This was an example of where lessons learned from previous road trips were implemented successfully.

The alumni in the area took the role of “hosts” seriously and were invested in the event and was taking about a follow up event next year.  They also said that they will come down to the Phoenix valley for the Chapter Banquet in February.  There were several new faces at this event  – they had stayed away because of the distance to Phoenix.  There were some that drove from the Nevada border since this was held at a half way point even though they still had to drive for 3 hours.


The timing of this event was excellent.  It was a scorching 110 degrees in Phoenix and Flag Staff was a cool 75 degrees.  The event was titled “A Road Trip to the Cooler Climes”

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