Kartchner Caverns

Kartchner Caverns

April 28, 2014

Planning events for a chapter region that includes an entire state can be difficult. We’ve had requests to do events in other areas of Arizona rather than the Phoenix/Tempe area. We wanted to get alumni in Tucson involved, so we planned a two part event to the Kartchner Caverns in that area. Our goal was to make a fun event that anyone could go to regardless of age, and in the chance that we weren’t able to draw crowd in a new area we wanted the road trip to be part of the fun as well.

Lesson Learned: It was a fun road trip! We weren’t able to draw out as many alumni in Tucson as we would have hoped. We think having someone in the Tucson area plan/organize the event would have worked better. That way, the alumni in the area feel more invested in the event and will want to participate. The Arizona Chapter is going to implement this lesson for our Flagstaff trip later this summer. There are some alumni living in the region that will organize the event. Chapter members in the Phoenix area will make the road trip to the mountains to an event at the Lowell Observatory. Stay tuned for details!

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