Monsanto Director speaks about our growing world

Monsanto Director speaks about our growing world

November 19, 2013

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Stephanie Regagnon, Director of Sustainable Agriculture Portfolio for Monsanto, visited Truman Monday to give a presentation titled, “How can we feed 10 billion people withing the boundaries of our planet?” In her presentation, Ms. Regagnon explained how the population and income of the world’s people are expanding, but our natural resources that we rely on to feed that growing world are at a standstill. Because of this, it is crucial that our agriculture practices be “as efficient as possible.” For this to happen, the agricultural industry needs to have the support of the public, which Ms. Regagnon explains can be achieved by engaging them, and encouraging an “open window” policy to ease their doubts about what happens in agriculture. After her presentation, an open-ended discussion followed focusing on the international use of biotechnology and GMO’s. Ms. Regagnon stressed that she and Monsanto believed it should be the choice of the farmers, not the government, to decide when and if they want to have access to GMO’s. She summed up her presentation by telling the stories of people in these countries where GMO’s are not allowed and said, “I wish everyone could go to Africa.” The Ag Department would like to thank Ms. Reganon for taking the time to come speak, and to her and Monsanto for providing lunch for those who attended the presentation.

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