Wolf Pack Party

Wolf Pack Party

Wolf Pack Party

July 11, 2014

Wolf Pup howlingAh-oooooo! This a hearty hello from West Campus Suites, the newest and most spacious residence hall on campus. Although we’ve gone through a handful of mascots (womats…walri…), we are currently the Wolves and hoping it sticks–you’ll learn soon enough as you start your college journey, but it can be hard finding yourself. Between our forest¬†green hall color and educational-inspired cheers, we think we’re on the right trail.

West Campus still has the large public lounges on each floor, just like every other hall, but we provide even more space for socializing as every suite includes a kitchenette and partially furnished living room. So while it may cost more, you also have a lot more space to spread out. If you or one of your suitemates provides the TV/gaming system/movies, you have your own space to kick back and relax on a Friday night and don’t have to worry about whoever may have already nabbed the lounge with their friends. Plus, West has these nooks at the end of the hallway called “elbows” where you can chill out with your Student Advisor or friends. And if we happen to have a blizzard again, it’s a great place to share a huge pot of ramen and play board games.

Balloons!West is the Best for a few more reasons as well, but most of it boils down to socializing and having a good time.

  • Every spring, West hosts a BALLOON Party, organized by the SAs and Hall Council. That’s 6000 balloons in the Multipurpose Room and one crazy fun evening!
  • Relay for Life is supported by a Hall Council team annually. In the past four years, we¬†have raised over $5000 for the cause! And you might even get to see a fellow wolf dress up in drag.Relay for Life team banner for a Disney theme: Let's get down to business to defeat cancer!
  • 2013-14 also saw events such as S’mores in the Courtyard, Water Balloon Games, Nacho Fiesta, and the “Bestie Game”–which is like the Newlywed Game but gives out Taco Bell gift certificates instead of kitchen appliances.



If you’re lucky, you might even see the Pie Your SA fundraiser revived:

Pie Your SA ad

In addition to the fun and service, residents have also shown a great deal of care for the environment. In the past, West has helped provide plants in the Communiversity Garden just next door, and a past resident donated a fruit tree. Now, in addition to our forest green thumbs, we can add wolf education advocacy through our College Cup Cheers. Here’s a preview:

  • How much can we eat? TWENTY POUNDS OF MEAT!
  • How many teeth do we have? FORTY-TWO!
  • How big is our litter? FOUR TO SEVEN CUBS!


So welcome to the pack! We’re excited to have you!

Written by: Teagen (former West Campus Suites Student Advisor)

Information provided by: Allie Esperanza, WCS Hall Director

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