Who we be? BNB! Who we be? BNB! Arrrrgh!

Who we be? BNB! Who we be? BNB! Arrrrgh!

Who we be? BNB! Who we be? BNB! Arrrrgh!

July 20, 2014

BNB Mateys at the wheelAhoy there and welcome to the ship known as Blanton Nason Brewer! We are a modest sized ship full of both experienced and new mateys. BNB is home to the LLCs (living learning communities) on the Blanton side. We have Pre-Med mateys who are learning how to create peg-legs; we have the Service hallway for mateys who are dedicated to helping other ships; and there is the Sustainability hallway filled to the brim with mateys who help keep our resources in line for the journey ahead. On the Brewer side of things, we host the campus’s sororities. Though we may be smaller than other residence halls, we are a spirited and close-knit group of Buccaneers. We are a strong presence during Truman Week, and we always finish in the top three. This year be our year to take home the gold! The fun doesn’t end at Truman Week! There be plenty o’ opportunities aboard this ship for a good time. The student staff on this ship are first class mateys that put on bountiful events guaranteed to make your experience on this ship a memorable one. If you are lookin’ to get involved yourself, there is an opportunity to be a part of the hall council. One thing is for sure, once you have stepped aboard this ship, you will be singing, “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, the BNB Life is for Me!”

Adam Demers

Hall Director for Blanton Nason Brewer

BNB Students pumped for the College Cup Competition

If you couldn’t tell, BNB’s color is Kelly Green. The Orange represents Grim Hall, who partnered with BNB this year in the College Cup Competition. Don’t own a green tee? No worries; we’ve got you covered at move-in.

The ghouls of the annual BNB Haunted HouseOne of the biggest events at BNB every year is the Haunted House that takes place in the rarely seen basement of the building. For a small fee, experience the thrills and chills dreamed up by some creative (and, on the occasion, macabre) buccaneers.

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