The (Bull)dog Days of Summer

The (Bull)dog Days of Summer

The (Bull)dog Days of Summer

July 3, 2014

I bet you’re probably looking forward to summer as a time for pools, friends, and sun (I am too!). But it can also be a great time to start looking at colleges! Truman’s Admission Office is open year round and ready to greet you with open arms (unless you’re not a hugger)! There are some differences between visiting in the summer and during the school year, though, and you should consider which will most benefit you. I love making lists, so here’s one about all the great things you can do at Truman in the summer!

In the summer you can…

  • Talk with an Admission Counselor – like me! An admission counselor can tell you about the application process, scholarships, student life, academic programs, what our graduates go on to do, the best places to eat in Kirksville, the best spots to nap on campus… everything you need to know!
  • Tour Campus! Truman’s campus is beautiful in the summer – the Sunken Garden never looks better!
  • Talk with professors! Oddly enough, professors are real people too (weird, right?) so some of them may be off doing cool nerdy professor things. We will do our best to set up a meeting for you though!
  • Explore Kirksville! Our city is wonderful during the summer. You can visit Thousand Hills State Park or if you’re here on a Saturday morning you can go to the Kirksville Farmer’s Market (which is absolutely full of delicious things). Our University Farm is only about a mile away from campus and is a great place to spend a little time, too!


I know all of that sounds super awesome, but there are even more things you can do during a fall or spring visit!

During the school year you could also…


If you’re just starting your college search, a summer visit will help you get more information about the university. Coming during the school year will give you a better idea of what the vibe of campus is really like – Truman is much different when the campus is bustling with students! My recommendation? Come visit us this summer and then come again for another personalized visit or on a Showcase day to learn even more! There’s lots to love about Truman and visiting more than once will let you pursue all your options!

Take care and enjoy summer!


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