T to the O to the A-S-T-Y, YEAH! We’re Toasty!

T to the O to the A-S-T-Y, YEAH! We’re Toasty!

T to the O to the A-S-T-Y, YEAH! We’re Toasty!

July 7, 2014

Toaster!You might remember being a little kid and wanting to go on an adventure with the Brave Little Toaster and his band of household appliance friends. Well, congratulations! You are now officially a Toaster! Dobber the Toaster is the mascot of Dobson Hall where the official color is, appropriately, red. Although most residents cross the street to eat in Ryle’s dining hall, Dobson has the unique privilege of housing a campus Convenience Store (where you can use your meal plan and find fare other than what’s in the cafeteria if you just aren’t feeling it some days).

Dobson is one of two community style buildings on campus. Much like the Brave Little Toaster’s band of friends, community style means more community building, and you’ll have your own band of brave college friends with whom to adventure across campus, into Kirksville, and beyond. Plus, Dobson tends to be predominantly freshmen students, creating a high energy environment, especially during Truman Week.  We’re an incredibly friendly hall, with friendships across the building starting early in the semester and tending to be long-lasting. Bring a door stop (to prop open your bedroom door so people know you’re in there but you’re still open to chatting/hanging out/studying together) and a few favorite movies or multi-player games so you can let the good times roll–or should we say pop?

Squirrelfest cartoon from the IndexEvery spring, Dobson hosts Squirrelfest–a spin off of Oktoberfest festitivites. The Hall Council and staff invite various performers to the outdoor event. There are also other organizations and plenty of activities included in the day  to make it a blast!

If you’re questioning the community style bathroom, rest assured that everyone’s schedule is different. Even if most people in your hall shower in the morning, it’s unlikely everyone’s day will start at the same time. Besides, you get out of bathroom duty for an entire 9 months! So be nice to your housekeepers because they keep it clean for you Monday through Friday–though, honestly, you’ll want to be nice to them anyway because they are incredible people!

We can’t wait for you all to pop over for move-in! Welcome to your toasty new home!

Written by: Teagen

Information provided by: Suzanne Hunn, Dobson Hall Community Coordinator 2013-14

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