Scholarship Review

Scholarship Review

Scholarship Review

February 14, 2014

Happy (snowy) Friday!

We are diving into the lengthy process of competitive scholarship review here in the Admissions Office, and I’m sure many of you have the same questions:

“What exactly is Truman looking for when deciding competitive scholarships?”

“What can I do to make my application stronger and get more scholarship money?”

“Did I need to apply for competitive scholarships?!”

All good questions, and hopefully all ones that I can answer! Right now. Ready?

There are a lot of things that come into play when we start reviewing applications for competitive scholarships. We’re looking at your ACT scores, your high school transcripts, reading your essay, and looking over that student activities list that you hopefully sent, too! All of those things will give us a good idea of what kind of student you are inside and outside the classroom, and what you can bring to the Truman community as a student. Things like your leadership, academic prowess, passions and ambitions, and overall involvement are what we’re going to base those scholarships on!

If you want to make your application stronger during this process, consider updating your student activities list. Have you joined any new organizations? Taken on any new leadership roles? Been named captain of the swim team? Received any new awards through work or school? You can always email your Admission Counselor new activities lists, and we’ll make sure the updated lists are used in the scholarship review process!

And don’t worry—there wasn’t an application that you missed to apply for any of these scholarships; remember that your application for admission doubles as your scholarship application, too. Still working on your application? There are still some competitive scholarships available, so finish it as soon as possible and we’ll continue the scholarship review process! Don’t forget to send us your student activities list, too!

If you’re still working on your application, try to get it in as soon as possible! Remember that automatic scholarships will always be awarded if you qualify, but competitive ones are going quickly!

Stay warm, and until next time!

Lauren Titterington is a 2011 graduate of Truman State University and has been an Admission Counselor since 2011. Lauren is the St Louis Regional Counselor, living in St Louis City, and travels through St Louis county, St Charles county, and the Metro-East area.

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