Give me a K! … POTASSIUM!

Give me a K! … POTASSIUM!

Give me a K! … POTASSIUM!

June 25, 2014

Welcome new Bananas! Whether you feel a little green about starting college or are raring-to-go yellow, Centennial Hall is happy to be your home for the next year. Our residents know how to have fun, socialize, and support each other in all aspects of college life–even if it means staring down a stack of flashcards¬†in the early morning.

What’s important to know about your new home? Well, to start off, our hall color is yellow and we like to go all out when it comes to cheering at the College Cup Competition! But here are a few other quick notes of what to look forward to this fall:

These are a Few of My Favorite Things (about C-Hall):

  • C-Hall Students Performing Lip Sync at the College Cup FinalsThe new renovations! Our renovations turned out so awesome. I love the modern, fun feel that the building has now.
  • The dining hall staff! Our dining hall staff rocks and does a fantastic job creating an excellent environment to eat and socialize. (Plus, George is the greatest!)
  • The huge lounges! Our community lounges are huge and a hub of activity within the building. At any given time you will find people chatting, playing games, and, of course, studying in the lounges. Plus, it is a great place to escape the heat in the early fall.


C-Hall Knows How to Bring the Fun! (Annual Events)

  • Festival Centennial: Every fall on Family Day, our Hall Council and hall staff work to host a casual event for residents and their families to enjoy. Usually there is a lot of free food and games for all to enjoy.
  • Mr. Centennial: Each winter, we host a male beauty pageant where we raise money for Lou Gehrig’s Disease research.
  • Spike’s Birthday: Each spring we host a birthday party for our favorite mascot, complete with cake and party games.


We can’t wait to meet you all this August!

Megan Swingle, Centennial Hall Director

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