Dory Taught Me to Speak Whale

Dory Taught Me to Speak Whale

Dory Taught Me to Speak Whale

July 24, 2014

Ryle's main entrance with an inflatable Whale chilling by the staircaseHave you ever wanted to improve your proficiency in Whale? Well congratulations! Ryle Hall is home to the mighty Whales and we are experts in performing the Whale Call during Truman Week to drown out our competitors. We wear our blue with pride.

Some of the unique features of Ryle include:

  • Dining hall seating is open 24-7 to provide extra space to study or hang out.
  • Each of the 9 communities has an open lounge area for chilling, studying, or Mario Party tournaments.
  • There are 18 Student Advisors, so someone is always there to listen, help, or organize super awesome programs.
  • Although predominantly suite style, there is an opportunity to experience community style living on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors if you wanted.
  • Cards for Service Members (through Project A Million Thanks) has been a yearly event in the hall. In the past, we’ve set up a table outside the cafeteria during meal times so you know when we’re writing and collecting cards to send.
  • During the recent renovations, closets in the bedrooms were upgraded to built-in wardrobes with gorgeous cherry wood doors.
  • At one point, we were raising money to adopt a whale (a real one, not the inflated assortment). The money went to support the World Wildlife Fund since whales are pretty expensive creatures.
  • Students in Ryle's main lounge during Move-inPost-renovation Ryle enhances the beauty of the original architecture.
  • Two beautiful staircases flank the main entrance and lead up to an open and airy main lounge. The main lounge is complete with a dance floor (useful for various programs), projector and screen (for “popcorn eating contests” and Middle Earth Food events), high top and comfort seating, access to outdoor balconies, and a beautiful fireplace.


We’re excited for you to join our pod and carry on the exciting traditions of class, fun, and camaraderie that Ryle has become known for providing. *silent spout*

Written by Teagen Nabity

Information provided by: Kailey Dille (former resident and SA), Katherine Tynan (former resident)

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