Classy Moosen are Classy

Classy Moosen are Classy

Classy Moosen are Classy

July 16, 2014

Cute cartoon mooseM



We are MO Hall! Whoo!

Community Bathrooms

Say it, say it, say it


That’s right! This is MO Hall (really Missouri Hall, but almost everyone just calls us MO). We are one of two community style halls on campus and proud of it. Whoo! We also have the most unique layout to our building, with lounges in the center and six wings of rooms branching off. The centralized lounges better facilitate hanging out because you’re almost guaranteed to walk through on your way in and (at least some of the time) out of the building. Our residents watch movies and TV, have dance parties–when it isn’t quiet hours–partake in laptop/study parties, and revel in video game tournaments. If you have a quieter lounge on your floor and are looking for something more engaging, it isn’t uncommon to be adopted by more active communities within the building; walk around and find one that suits you.

While we are pretty popular among┬áreturning students, we still have a decent number of freshmen every year–and the second floor is entirely freshmen students (we see you 2South and 2North). We are also home to the Romance Language living and learning community, so if you want to brush up on your language skills, you know where to look for a good conversation; plus, this is one community open to freshmen and returning students who are interested.

MO Moosen are the classiest of them all. Our annual event is a student art gallery, and we’ll occasionally purchase artwork from this event to display in MO. Submit your artwork or even just come to enjoy the atmosphere and treats. Around Halloween, when local families come trick-o-treating through the halls, many of our residents like to dress (themselves and their lounges) for the holiday. In addition to our art-astic event and artistic macabre, our hall color is maroon–admit it, just saying the word makes you feel sophisticated.

MO Moosen performing lip sync at the College Cup FinalsNow, you may be questioning our plural: Moosen. Well, that plural was voted on by past residents of MO and we find that it is more empowering than just calling ourselves the Moose (you see, we’re like Kristoff saying reindeers; it’s a preference and a lifestyle, not just a word). So wear your maroon with pride, mighty Moosen. We have a history of doing well at the College Cup Competition and it’s your turn to strut your stuff to victory! MOOSE CALL!

Teagen, former MO Hall resident

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