Checking My Transfer Credit

Checking My Transfer Credit

Checking My Transfer Credit

February 17, 2015

I recently finished a post about applying as a transfer, and knew that you would only have more questions. In this post, I’ll discuss what Truman will do to make sure you know how your credit will transfer to Truman. In this post, I answer some Frequently Asked Questions regarding how your credit can transfer to Truman.

So how does credit transfer to Truman?

In short, pretty well. Truman does a pretty good job of accepting credit from other institutions, as long as the course and course material as similar to a course Truman offers. Although the granting of credit is done through our Registrar’s Office, they do house a fantastic site that allows you to see how credit has transferred to Truman before. The site is quick and easy

Don’t see a class you have taken? Does your institution not show up? Don’t worry! That does not mean the credit won’t transfer, it simply means that we haven’t evaluated the class in the past 5 years. And that doesn’t mean you have to come to Truman to find out….

When do I learn about my credit’s transferability?

We do our very best to let you know as soon as possible. Assuming your credit was evaluated officially prior to your acceptance (this is how we normally operate), you will learn how your credit transfers at the same time, or soon after acceptance. And at Truman, if your course is evaluated as transferable, it will be equivalent. That means that any class you transfer will meet and complete the same requirements as a Truman course.

Can I see how many classes I have left for a Truman degree?
You can! We do ask that you complete Pre-Registration information, however, which will trigger providing access to Degree Works, our degree audit system. Through Degree Works, you will be able to view the credit you have taken and how those credits affect any degree program at Truman. Thinking about a minor? you can add these as well to give you a better idea of credit hours left before graduating.

What if I disagree with how credit was evaluated?

First we must discuss why you feel this way. Did you read a course description of Truman’s, and it fits exactly what you learned in a different class elsewhere? Or, are you simply upset that credit isn’t transferring the way you thought it would?

Make sure to do some research. There are a number of courses that are great, but Truman doesn’t offer. There are also a number of courses in programs that Truman simply doesn’t have. However, if you legitimately feel like you were wronged out of an equivilancy, let us know. You can work with a trained Academic Adviser who will work with you to have the credit evaluated by faculty. Ultimately, their decision will stand, but it we never want you to feel like you have lost reasonable credit.

Does Truman transfer my GPA or only grant credit?

Truman will transfer both the appropriate courses and the GPA. This GPA will be part of your cumulative GPA when calculating for graduation. If eligible for, and renewing scholarships, the Financial Aid Office uses only your Truman GPA.

What does a typical transfer student have for a GPA and transferable credit hours at Truman?

Truman’s typical transfer student has around 40 hours or transferable, post-high school credit and a GPA around 3.25.

I hope you have learned a lot about Truman’s transfer process. You may have additional questions, and if you do, I encourage you to contact us!

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