At the Heart of Gremlins

At the Heart of Gremlins

At the Heart of Gremlins

June 30, 2014


New Gremlins, Grim Hall with the hall staff of 2011-12welcome to Grim Hall, home to about 60 residents. Grim is unique in that it has the most character as a building. The front of the hall used to be a house, which is still evident in the architecture; the rest of the hall is an extension that compliments the original architecture but also makes it more uniform with the other halls on campus.

Perhaps the best thing about Grim is the heart of the people who live there. Despite having a small population, Grim ends up with a great mix of students—international and domestic, athletes and future scientists, even some theatre students. Student showing off his treasures during an egg hunt through the building.There are 6 lounges within the building—all of which were updated with new furniture a couple years ago—giving us the most hang out space per resident of any hall. The staff is also unique in that they work with the on-campus apartments and Patterson House, ensuring there are plenty of programs to attend and people to meet. It’s also ideally located for many students, being near to Violette, Magruder, and Pershing Halls—as well as one of the closest halls to Barnett—and probably one of the closer halls to the SUB, library, and athletic fields.

During the College Cup Competition, we usually pair up with another hall, whether that’s Ryle or BNB or one of our other friendly neighbors.Gremlins represent in a herd of Whales (Ryle Hall) during ridiculous relays in the College Cup Competition We wear our orange with pride and put our best foot forward to propel our team to success. No matter what the outcome, we do it with a smile and a Gremlin giggle—which you might want to practice since a good Gremlin giggle gives our competitors the shivers.

If you want to be more involved with the community, check out the Hall Council. Recently, Grim Hall Council and staff have begun to give ghost tours around Halloween; this event became a full haunted house last year and raised $1500 for charity. The Council also rocks when it comes to appreciating our fantastic housekeeper, Vicki, and hall staff.

One thing is for sure, Gremlins have a lot of heart. We’re small but mighty, and we give it our all. But it’s a good thing we’re not actual Gremlins; many of us enjoy eating after midnight.

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