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  • September 15, 2014

    Should I Include Discontinued Extra-Curriculars?

    While looking for ideas and content to share with you, I found a great article from Wise College Geek. Although I would have loved to have come up with this one on my own, they beat me to it.

    There are a number of things that our Admission Committee will look at when you apply, and extra-curricular activities are definitely one of them. But don’t think that by quitting a couple, that you are saying you can’t do it. You should be given the opportunity to try out things, and quit them. Check out last week’s blog post about being More Than Your Test Scores.Do you think Bill Gates would be were he is today if he hadn’t quit? Maybe a bad example, since we want to you to come, and stay!

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article. As always, if you have any questions about the application (or anything else) to Truman, please do not hesitate contact me!

    Check out the full article on wcg1

  • September 10, 2014

    More Than Your Test Scores

    We often meet students whose concerns about being admitted to Truman are more extreme than necessary. Yes, we are academically rigorous. But when the Admission Committee is reviewing student’s application files, they want to know about the whole student. A holistic review. That’s why we require an open essay, and strongly encourage an activities list and/or resume!

    Spike getting excited on the Quad

    Spike on the Quad

    You are more than your test scores and transcripts. So prove it. Give us the good stuff. And if you do, your application will be looked at more carefully for admission and during competitive scholarship review.

    Now you know; Apply here!

  • August 7, 2014

    What is there to do in Kirksville

    Hi my name is Mary Ward, Regional Admission Counselor for Truman State University with my primary recruitment territory being the state of Illinois. One question I get from students from Chicagoland is “What is there to do in Kirksville?” This is a common question we get from many students that are planning to make Kirksville their home for the next four years. Kirksville is a college town, so most of your activities will take place on campus. We have an awesome Center for Student Involvement that offers a variety of ways to get involved! You will find that Truman students are just as involved out of the classroom as they are in the classroom. You can get involved in one of our 240 clubs which includes academic organizations, Greek life, religious organizations, intramurals or watching our student athletes compete in Division II sporting events. We also bring guest speakers and bands to campus for your entertainment.

    The town of Kirksville has many fun and exciting places to visit as well. You can go bowling or indoor skating at Leisure World, see a movie at Downtown Cinema 8enjoy some outdoor activities at the beautiful 3,252 acre Thousand Hills State Park, golf at Kirksville County Club or swim at the Aquatic Center. Downtown Kirksville also has several annual festivals, Summer on the Square and a Farmer’s Market. Plus we offer unique shopping and great restaurants!

    Kirksville is centrally located among other bigger cities in Missouri. We are only 90 miles from Columbia, 180 miles from Kansas City and 215 miles from St. LouisKirksville also has its own Regional Airport and there is an Amtrak Station located 12 miles outside of Kirksville in LaPlata, MO. The Amtrak Station is very convenient for those traveling from either Chicagoland or even Kansas City since this train, the Southwest Chief, runs from Chicago to Los Angeles with many stops in between.

    One piece of advice I would give to incoming college students is to take advantage of all the opportunities on the Truman campus and in Kirksville! John Riti, a Truman student from St Louis said it best “Ultimately, college for me is about learning as much as I can and trying to reach my full potential, and I’ve been very lucky to do so in a town that has welcomed me and made me feel truly at home. I hope that you have a similar experience living in Kirksville and discover for yourself why this is such a special place.”

  • July 24, 2014

    Dory Taught Me to Speak Whale

    Ryle's main entrance with an inflatable Whale chilling by the staircaseHave you ever wanted to improve your proficiency in Whale? Well congratulations! Ryle Hall is home to the mighty Whales and we are experts in performing the Whale Call during Truman Week to drown out our competitors. We wear our blue with pride.

    Some of the unique features of Ryle include:

    • Dining hall seating is open 24-7 to provide extra space to study or hang out.
    • Each of the 9 communities has an open lounge area for chilling, studying, or Mario Party tournaments.
    • There are 18 Student Advisors, so someone is always there to listen, help, or organize super awesome programs.
    • Although predominantly suite style, there is an opportunity to experience community style living on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors if you wanted.
    • Cards for Service Members (through Project A Million Thanks) has been a yearly event in the hall. In the past, we’ve set up a table outside the cafeteria during meal times so you know when we’re writing and collecting cards to send.
    • During the recent renovations, closets in the bedrooms were upgraded to built-in wardrobes with gorgeous cherry wood doors.
    • At one point, we were raising money to adopt a whale (a real one, not the inflated assortment). The money went to support the World Wildlife Fund since whales are pretty expensive creatures.
    • Students in Ryle's main lounge during Move-inPost-renovation Ryle enhances the beauty of the original architecture.
    • Two beautiful staircases flank the main entrance and lead up to an open and airy main lounge. The main lounge is complete with a dance floor (useful for various programs), projector and screen (for “popcorn eating contests” and Middle Earth Food events), high top and comfort seating, access to outdoor balconies, and a beautiful fireplace.


    We’re excited for you to join our pod and carry on the exciting traditions of class, fun, and camaraderie that Ryle has become known for providing. *silent spout*

    Written by Teagen Nabity

    Information provided by: Kailey Dille (former resident and SA), Katherine Tynan (former resident)

  • July 20, 2014

    Who we be? BNB! Who we be? BNB! Arrrrgh!

    BNB Mateys at the wheelAhoy there and welcome to the ship known as Blanton Nason Brewer! We are a modest sized ship full of both experienced and new mateys. BNB is home to the LLCs (living learning communities) on the Blanton side. We have Pre-Med mateys who are learning how to create peg-legs; we have the Service hallway for mateys who are dedicated to helping other ships; and there is the Sustainability hallway filled to the brim with mateys who help keep our resources in line for the journey ahead. On the Brewer side of things, we host the campus’s sororities. Though we may be smaller than other residence halls, we are a spirited and close-knit group of Buccaneers. We are a strong presence during Truman Week, and we always finish in the top three. This year be our year to take home the gold! The fun doesn’t end at Truman Week! There be plenty o’ opportunities aboard this ship for a good time. The student staff on this ship are first class mateys that put on bountiful events guaranteed to make your experience on this ship a memorable one. If you are lookin’ to get involved yourself, there is an opportunity to be a part of the hall council. One thing is for sure, once you have stepped aboard this ship, you will be singing, “Yo Ho, Yo Ho, the BNB Life is for Me!”

    Adam Demers

    Hall Director for Blanton Nason Brewer

    BNB Students pumped for the College Cup Competition

    If you couldn’t tell, BNB’s color is Kelly Green. The Orange represents Grim Hall, who partnered with BNB this year in the College Cup Competition. Don’t own a green tee? No worries; we’ve got you covered at move-in.

    The ghouls of the annual BNB Haunted HouseOne of the biggest events at BNB every year is the Haunted House that takes place in the rarely seen basement of the building. For a small fee, experience the thrills and chills dreamed up by some creative (and, on the occasion, macabre) buccaneers.

  • July 16, 2014

    Classy Moosen are Classy

    Cute cartoon mooseM



    We are MO Hall! Whoo!

    Community Bathrooms

    Say it, say it, say it


    That’s right! This is MO Hall (really Missouri Hall, but almost everyone just calls us MO). We are one of two community style halls on campus and proud of it. Whoo! We also have the most unique layout to our building, with lounges in the center and six wings of rooms branching off. The centralized lounges better facilitate hanging out because you’re almost guaranteed to walk through on your way in and (at least some of the time) out of the building. Our residents watch movies and TV, have dance parties–when it isn’t quiet hours–partake in laptop/study parties, and revel in video game tournaments. If you have a quieter lounge on your floor and are looking for something more engaging, it isn’t uncommon to be adopted by more active communities within the building; walk around and find one that suits you.

    While we are pretty popular among returning students, we still have a decent number of freshmen every year–and the second floor is entirely freshmen students (we see you 2South and 2North). We are also home to the Romance Language living and learning community, so if you want to brush up on your language skills, you know where to look for a good conversation; plus, this is one community open to freshmen and returning students who are interested.

    MO Moosen are the classiest of them all. Our annual event is a student art gallery, and we’ll occasionally purchase artwork from this event to display in MO. Submit your artwork or even just come to enjoy the atmosphere and treats. Around Halloween, when local families come trick-o-treating through the halls, many of our residents like to dress (themselves and their lounges) for the holiday. In addition to our art-astic event and artistic macabre, our hall color is maroon–admit it, just saying the word makes you feel sophisticated.

    MO Moosen performing lip sync at the College Cup FinalsNow, you may be questioning our plural: Moosen. Well, that plural was voted on by past residents of MO and we find that it is more empowering than just calling ourselves the Moose (you see, we’re like Kristoff saying reindeers; it’s a preference and a lifestyle, not just a word). So wear your maroon with pride, mighty Moosen. We have a history of doing well at the College Cup Competition and it’s your turn to strut your stuff to victory! MOOSE CALL!

    Teagen, former MO Hall resident

  • July 11, 2014

    Wolf Pack Party

    Wolf Pup howlingAh-oooooo! This a hearty hello from West Campus Suites, the newest and most spacious residence hall on campus. Although we’ve gone through a handful of mascots (womats…walri…), we are currently the Wolves and hoping it sticks–you’ll learn soon enough as you start your college journey, but it can be hard finding yourself. Between our forest green hall color and educational-inspired cheers, we think we’re on the right trail.

    West Campus still has the large public lounges on each floor, just like every other hall, but we provide even more space for socializing as every suite includes a kitchenette and partially furnished living room. So while it may cost more, you also have a lot more space to spread out. If you or one of your suitemates provides the TV/gaming system/movies, you have your own space to kick back and relax on a Friday night and don’t have to worry about whoever may have already nabbed the lounge with their friends. Plus, West has these nooks at the end of the hallway called “elbows” where you can chill out with your Student Advisor or friends. And if we happen to have a blizzard again, it’s a great place to share a huge pot of ramen and play board games.

    Balloons!West is the Best for a few more reasons as well, but most of it boils down to socializing and having a good time.

    • Every spring, West hosts a BALLOON Party, organized by the SAs and Hall Council. That’s 6000 balloons in the Multipurpose Room and one crazy fun evening!
    • Relay for Life is supported by a Hall Council team annually. In the past four years, we have raised over $5000 for the cause! And you might even get to see a fellow wolf dress up in drag.Relay for Life team banner for a Disney theme: Let's get down to business to defeat cancer!
    • 2013-14 also saw events such as S’mores in the Courtyard, Water Balloon Games, Nacho Fiesta, and the “Bestie Game”–which is like the Newlywed Game but gives out Taco Bell gift certificates instead of kitchen appliances.



    If you’re lucky, you might even see the Pie Your SA fundraiser revived:

    Pie Your SA ad

    In addition to the fun and service, residents have also shown a great deal of care for the environment. In the past, West has helped provide plants in the Communiversity Garden just next door, and a past resident donated a fruit tree. Now, in addition to our forest green thumbs, we can add wolf education advocacy through our College Cup Cheers. Here’s a preview:

    • How much can we eat? TWENTY POUNDS OF MEAT!
    • How many teeth do we have? FORTY-TWO!
    • How big is our litter? FOUR TO SEVEN CUBS!


    So welcome to the pack! We’re excited to have you!

    Written by: Teagen (former West Campus Suites Student Advisor)

    Information provided by: Allie Esperanza, WCS Hall Director

  • July 7, 2014

    T to the O to the A-S-T-Y, YEAH! We’re Toasty!

    Toaster!You might remember being a little kid and wanting to go on an adventure with the Brave Little Toaster and his band of household appliance friends. Well, congratulations! You are now officially a Toaster! Dobber the Toaster is the mascot of Dobson Hall where the official color is, appropriately, red. Although most residents cross the street to eat in Ryle’s dining hall, Dobson has the unique privilege of housing a campus Convenience Store (where you can use your meal plan and find fare other than what’s in the cafeteria if you just aren’t feeling it some days).

    Dobson is one of two community style buildings on campus. Much like the Brave Little Toaster’s band of friends, community style means more community building, and you’ll have your own band of brave college friends with whom to adventure across campus, into Kirksville, and beyond. Plus, Dobson tends to be predominantly freshmen students, creating a high energy environment, especially during Truman Week.  We’re an incredibly friendly hall, with friendships across the building starting early in the semester and tending to be long-lasting. Bring a door stop (to prop open your bedroom door so people know you’re in there but you’re still open to chatting/hanging out/studying together) and a few favorite movies or multi-player games so you can let the good times roll–or should we say pop?

    Squirrelfest cartoon from the IndexEvery spring, Dobson hosts Squirrelfest–a spin off of Oktoberfest festitivites. The Hall Council and staff invite various performers to the outdoor event. There are also other organizations and plenty of activities included in the day  to make it a blast!

    If you’re questioning the community style bathroom, rest assured that everyone’s schedule is different. Even if most people in your hall shower in the morning, it’s unlikely everyone’s day will start at the same time. Besides, you get out of bathroom duty for an entire 9 months! So be nice to your housekeepers because they keep it clean for you Monday through Friday–though, honestly, you’ll want to be nice to them anyway because they are incredible people!

    We can’t wait for you all to pop over for move-in! Welcome to your toasty new home!

    Written by: Teagen

    Information provided by: Suzanne Hunn, Dobson Hall Community Coordinator 2013-14

  • July 3, 2014

    The (Bull)dog Days of Summer

    I bet you’re probably looking forward to summer as a time for pools, friends, and sun (I am too!). But it can also be a great time to start looking at colleges! Truman’s Admission Office is open year round and ready to greet you with open arms (unless you’re not a hugger)! There are some differences between visiting in the summer and during the school year, though, and you should consider which will most benefit you. I love making lists, so here’s one about all the great things you can do at Truman in the summer!

    In the summer you can…

    • Talk with an Admission Counselor – like me! An admission counselor can tell you about the application process, scholarships, student life, academic programs, what our graduates go on to do, the best places to eat in Kirksville, the best spots to nap on campus… everything you need to know!
    • Tour Campus! Truman’s campus is beautiful in the summer – the Sunken Garden never looks better!
    • Talk with professors! Oddly enough, professors are real people too (weird, right?) so some of them may be off doing cool nerdy professor things. We will do our best to set up a meeting for you though!
    • Explore Kirksville! Our city is wonderful during the summer. You can visit Thousand Hills State Park or if you’re here on a Saturday morning you can go to the Kirksville Farmer’s Market (which is absolutely full of delicious things). Our University Farm is only about a mile away from campus and is a great place to spend a little time, too!


    I know all of that sounds super awesome, but there are even more things you can do during a fall or spring visit!

    During the school year you could also…


    If you’re just starting your college search, a summer visit will help you get more information about the university. Coming during the school year will give you a better idea of what the vibe of campus is really like – Truman is much different when the campus is bustling with students! My recommendation? Come visit us this summer and then come again for another personalized visit or on a Showcase day to learn even more! There’s lots to love about Truman and visiting more than once will let you pursue all your options!

    Take care and enjoy summer!


  • June 30, 2014

    At the Heart of Gremlins


    New Gremlins, Grim Hall with the hall staff of 2011-12welcome to Grim Hall, home to about 60 residents. Grim is unique in that it has the most character as a building. The front of the hall used to be a house, which is still evident in the architecture; the rest of the hall is an extension that compliments the original architecture but also makes it more uniform with the other halls on campus.

    Perhaps the best thing about Grim is the heart of the people who live there. Despite having a small population, Grim ends up with a great mix of students—international and domestic, athletes and future scientists, even some theatre students. Student showing off his treasures during an egg hunt through the building.There are 6 lounges within the building—all of which were updated with new furniture a couple years ago—giving us the most hang out space per resident of any hall. The staff is also unique in that they work with the on-campus apartments and Patterson House, ensuring there are plenty of programs to attend and people to meet. It’s also ideally located for many students, being near to Violette, Magruder, and Pershing Halls—as well as one of the closest halls to Barnett—and probably one of the closer halls to the SUB, library, and athletic fields.

    During the College Cup Competition, we usually pair up with another hall, whether that’s Ryle or BNB or one of our other friendly neighbors.Gremlins represent in a herd of Whales (Ryle Hall) during ridiculous relays in the College Cup Competition We wear our orange with pride and put our best foot forward to propel our team to success. No matter what the outcome, we do it with a smile and a Gremlin giggle—which you might want to practice since a good Gremlin giggle gives our competitors the shivers.

    If you want to be more involved with the community, check out the Hall Council. Recently, Grim Hall Council and staff have begun to give ghost tours around Halloween; this event became a full haunted house last year and raised $1500 for charity. The Council also rocks when it comes to appreciating our fantastic housekeeper, Vicki, and hall staff.

    One thing is for sure, Gremlins have a lot of heart. We’re small but mighty, and we give it our all. But it’s a good thing we’re not actual Gremlins; many of us enjoy eating after midnight.

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